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Jane Austen's Men


Cambridge as it looked when Darcy attended University there.

Cambridge as it looked when Darcy attended University there.

If you visit the town of Cambridge today, you will find that the great gates of Trinity are not in Trumpington Street but in Trinity Street about a quarter of a mile further on; however, such was not the case in Darcy’s time. The Street beside the gates was then called Trumpington.

K  Trinity College

H  Trinity Hall



Course of the day (times varied based on station but this schedule was common for the upper classes.

6 – 6:30 am Rise
8 – 8:30 am Break ones fast
2 pm Dinner (i.e. our lunch) to dine (to have dinner)
8 pm Supper (i.e. evening meal; our dinner) to sup (to have supper)
9:30ish – ? After supper play quadrille, whist etc.
11ish Bed



Proper Forms of Address

Girl says Mama and Papa [pronounced mamá and papá]
Boy says Mother and Father
Eldest daughter addressed as: Miss + Sir name
Younger daughters addressed as: Miss + Christian name orMiss + Christian name + Sir name
Outsiders said Miss or Mrs. + Sir name till they knew you very well; only then could they call you by your Christian name
Male addressing a female Miss or Mrs. + name unless you were engaged, then they called you by your Christian name
Female addressing a male Mr. + Sir name unless you were married (sometimes even then)
Cousins (male or female) addressed each other by Christian name
Men (unrelated) If they were equals, addressed each other by Sir name alone (no Mr.)If addressing an inferior and wished to be particularly courteous, would add Mr.
Christian name  given name; first name
Sir name family name; last name