Carol Cromlin

Jane Austen's Men

Questions for Discussion


1. Darcy was considered proud because he was unwilling to speak in the company of people he did not know. What other reasons could there have been for his reticence?


2. In Chapter VI, Darcy and his father have very different reactions to events that occur.

  • Why do you think each reacted as he did?
  • What effect did the experience have on their relationship with each other?


3. Darcy & Rennie share some fundamental character traits, yet in some ways they are very different. Identify some of their similarities and differences, and consider how these traits could account for how well they get along.


4. Is there one specific event you think was most significant in shaping Darcy’s character? Consider the impact it had on him.


5. Is there anything you prefer about life during the time in which Darcy lived? What do you prefer about life today?